Why Use iTourTM

Make it easier for your buyer...

to see what they are buying!

Why should I use an IDP?

Answer: There are several reasons why an IDP is a good product for you:

-to use updated, current market technology,

This is a “Modern”, interactive – an interesting visually entertaining way to impart information to your buyer. Yes, the information can be presented by brochure or static displays – and we advocate using those as well – but a potential buyer will spend longer going thru the information when you present it in an entertaining manner, when he has control of what he sees and when he determines how long he wants to spend viewing the information.

-to establish a sales critical path,

This tool allows you to program your information like giving you sales staff an outline or template for how and when you want your information displayed. The tool can be flexible in how the information is shared to static so the information is provided in a specific order.

-for aesthetics and branding,

To show your product within your marketing guidelines as a package WHEREVER YOU CHOOSE TO SHOW IT

- to have flexibility where information can be presented,

You can show this program wherever you can take a laptop, computer or internet connection. So, a buyer can view in the sales office, in the models, at a vacant lot, in a home under construction, at an in-home meeting – in a real estate office, potentially over the internet, . . . wherever you determine you want your sales force to go.

What is included in a standard IDP?

Answer The Overall Program which includes:

  • Home page
  • 7 Tabs
  • Administrative tools
  • Email Capabilities
  • Administrative Tools

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